Beauty Murals

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Beauty mural map
The Whiterooms Portrait
The White Rooms Mural 


Graffiti Girl mural 

A mixture of pure art and graffiti tagging art. A clash of two styles. Painted at House of Colour Academy, a hair salon on Bold Street Liverpool.

The face is a beautiful young model with piercing blue eyes and ruby red lips, both of which especially stand out as the face is painted in grey-scale. Her hair is an absolute explosion of colour, a mixture of graffiti tagging, flowers and shiny beads. The overall result is a symphony of styles and colours.

On the one hand, it is seemingly chaotic, but the simplicity of the girl's beauty and the piercing focus of her eyes, draws the whole artwork together. Painted  in 2020

Girl Mural Liverpool


Disco Ball Street Art Paul Curtis
Disco Ball Mural 


Dr Rose Club mural
Dr Rose Club Murals 


Doll Beauty mural
Doll Beauty Mural


Charismas girls
Charisma's Girls

Four girls having a good old gossip whilst being pampered at the salon.  I liked the glamour and the spirit of the 1950's which has been captured in this image of all my exes. 

This was quite a complex image with many elements incorporated, least of all, four separate portraits which had to be spot on.