A time lapse movie recording some of the building painted at the Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane. One bloke, one month, one mural, 31 Liverpool landmarks, 28 litres of paint, 100 square metres.

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Also known as The Colourful City, the 40 metre long artwork includes many of Liverpool's most famous buildings including The Liver Buildings, the Liverpool Cathedrals, Walker Art Gallery, St Georges Hall, the Chinese Arch, Blue Coat Chambers, the Littlewoods Building, Cain's Brewery, the Museum of Liverpool, the Port of Liverpool Building, the Bombed-out Churc (St Lukes), Mann Island, Victoria Statue, the Picton Reading Rooms, the Albert Dock and Hope Street. Stevenson's Rocket Train is also included in Meccano.

Tom and Jerry up to their usual shennanigans. A fantastically bold mural of this Hanna and Barbera classic cartoon duo. Tom is chasing Jerry running across a green grassy hill in front of a subtle purple cityscape. ​

Completed in Syston,

Leicester in a child's nursery. Acrylic paint on plaster wall.

The second mural I have done for Everton Football Club as part of their #EFCMatchDay scheme. This mural is in the carpark near to the Park End reception. It depicts the Everton players from around 2005 running out of the tunnel and onto the Goodison Park pitch.

This artwork was more difficult than it looked. The weather was very cold and this meant the paint was very slow to dry. In addition, the mortar gaps were very large which meant that it was very difficult to do detailed areas such as the players faces.

However, I think it has turned out well and the feedback from the toffee's fans has been good.

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