A fabulous high quality, limited edition print of the famous "For all Liverpool's Liver Birds" mural. The mural was painted by Paul Curtis on Jamaica Street in Liverpool and was an instant hit with locals and tourists alike. It took on many nicknames, such as "The Baltic Wings" and "The Green Angel Wings." This would make a great gift for yourself or loved one!

The print measures 16" x 12" and is displayed in a simple but stylish black frame (measuring 21"x 17" (approx.)). It will be hand signed and numbered by the artist and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

The print is on high quality photographic paper and has a lustre finish. The wings are spot coloured with the surrounding wall in black and white. This producing a vibrant and striking version of the mural.


UK postage £10

So I was asked to do a Christmas window for Cakes by Andrew in Garston, Liverpool. It was the first time I had been asked to do a Christmas display. The weather was absolutely freezing, but I always enjoy painting something new!

The whole Xmas window painting used to be very popular in Britain, but is quite rare now. This really made this cake shop stand out on the high street. The kids loved it. I hope it makes a comeback, as it really brightened the street up.

This design incorporated the Grinch, Jack Skellington, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and brightly coloured glass baubles

So here it is. I have been toiling in a cold lonely car park at Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane for a month to complete this mural! It was a tough one, but I hope it is worth it! I have tried to make the Liverpool buildings big bright bold and beautiful. Something to really brighten up an otherwise dull wall. Thanks to Derwent Construction for the commission. If you pass the Liverpool Shopping Park, stop in and take a pic of the artwork!

This is the 40 metre long huge mural which I painted at Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane. There are 31 different Liverpool landmarks to identify (although one no longer exists), plus one form of transport (that is also from the past).

The mural took one month to paint and is 100 square metres in area. The aim was to produce something bold, bright and colourful and something representative of this beautiful city. I hope this covers it!

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