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The Making Of the UK’s largest painting ever made by a single artist. The mural is over 1000 square metres. It took 6 weeks to paint and took 330 litres of paint (plus 42 spray cans).

"Ainsley and Dale" was created in August/September 2021 and took 6 weeks to complete. It was an initiative led by @greensefton and @sefton_council . The aim was to make a feature of the building which had been abandoned since the 1990s.

The mural is located on Ainsdale Beach and depicts two sand lizards named Ainsley & Dale (geddit?). Sand lizards are rare, and Ainsdale sand dunes are one of the few places in the UK where they can be seen.

Click here to view the video through YouTube or head to the Ainsley and Dale webpage on the street art page, you won't miss it.

This is an unusual mural. @the_wirral_bath_co wanted a picture of the building painted onto the said building in a sort of infinite mirror effect. Only the building in the mural is a snapshot of the 1950s.

The aim of this piece of street art was to give the viewer a window into the past. They can literally compare the scene in the painting with the scene they are standing in front of. It is painted on The Wirral Bath Company's (which now occupies the building) exterior on Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead. The building was the local Co-op in the 1950s

Click here to watch the full video of the mural being painted.

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Can you name the legends?

Liverpool Legends mural, Ian Callaghan, Virgil Van Dijk, Robbie Fowler, John Barns, Sir Kenny Daglish

From the 60s through to the present day. The LFC legends include Ian Callaghan, Virgil Van Dijk (@virgilvandijk), Robbie Fowler (@rob9fowler ), John Barns (@john.barnes10) and Sir Kenny Daglish (@sirkennethdalglish) (left to right).

You can find this mural at The Kop End bar on Oakfield Road, Liverpool.

This one was a real challenge. 5 portraits with varying degrees of source photo quality. Got there in the end!

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