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Doctor Who is coming to Liverpool's World Museum

The exhibition will open on Friday 27th of May.

This enormous mural will welcome all visitors to the exhibition. Head to the World Museum website to book your tickets and come and admire Paul's latest mural.

Thank you to the World Museum for organising the whole thing.

Word is the exhibition is amazing and definitely worth the visit.

This mural took over a year to get to the wall but better late than never. Located at Birkenhead North Station. I think Charlie must've been every single person's favourite teacher around here!

Keep an eye out for the release of the timelapse video and the murals webpage to learn more about the mural.

In the meantime

If you want to find out a bit more about this mural check out this recent news article in the Wirral Globe.


On Thursday 19th May, the North Birkenhead Cradle to Career organisation are hosting an open-door event at the St James Centre from 11:30 am. You can drop in any time to meet Charlie, have some free cake and enjoy some live music from local bands.

All this week the North Birkenhead Cradle to Career organisation will be celebrating Charlie (and all local heroes) and they want to hear from you! Share your stories, photos and memories on Facebook and Instagram by commenting on our posts and using the hashtag #NorthEndHeroes:

1. Take and share a selfie at the mural.

2. Tell us your memories of Charlie and what his music means to you.

3. Tell us who your local North End hero is and why.

Thanks to:

Charlie Landsborough

These four new additions to Paul's large collection of murals (especially to the school mural collection, head to the Anfield Primary page to view more of Paul's artwork) are located at Pleasant Street Primary and St Michael's Hamlet Primary school. Unless you are an attendee of these schools you will need permission to view these murals.

These four were all painted during March and April 2022.

Keep an eye out for the timelapse videos and web pages for these murals to find out more about the process.

Pleasant Street Primary school on Pleasant Street

These three murals are located around Pleasant street primary's playground, which one is your favourite and which one do you think took the longest to complete?

St Michael's Hamlet primary school on Neilson Road

Smithy the squirrel is St Michale Hamlets school mascot. Can you guess why he's called Smithy?

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