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Liverpool Mural
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Cellar 24 Artwork
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Press Coverage:

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Cellar 24 Liverpool City Mural

A bird's-eye view of the city of Liverpool by Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis Artwork.  Located at Cellar 24, Wood Street, Liverpool.  The painting is slightly Lowry-esque but the streets are intentionally empty.  It was all about the buildings, and it gives an unusual ghost town feel.  It has a false perspective in order to keep the buildings in the distance large enough to identify. 


Some of the buildings painted include: The Liver Building, Port of Liverpool, Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool One, The Law Courts, The White Star building, Mann Island, and the Victoria Monument.


It was painted in April 2018 and took about 7 days.  I haven't counted the total number of buildings, and didn't even think about a window count!


"Boss that!!"

-Dave  (owner, Cellar 24)