My expertise is murals.  I love working at the large scale and transforming a dull blank wall into something amazing!  I am very proud of my work and I am completely confident that you will be more than happy with the work I produce. 


I can create hand painted murals, for businesses or homes.  Any design, be it contemporary or traditional can be catered for. As a mural artist, I will create any design to your specification. I can accommodate large projects, on walls or ceilings, interior or exterior. 


Accurate sketches can be provided for approval, I aim to keep my prices reasonable without compromising on quality. 


Please view my mural gallery for examples of some of my previous projects.  



1. Initial meeting and assessment

I will take measurements, collect photos of the work space and, most importantly, discuss ideas with the client.  I may be able to provide some prepared ideas at this meeting if the client has already given advance details of their plans.

2. Initial mockups

This stage is free.  Following the meeting, I will produce some digital mock-ups using photo collages.  It must be remembered that these are rough approximate ideas for discussion purposes.  They may have a superimposed look to them, but do not worry, the final piece will be smooth and cohesive!

The client receives scaled mock-ups, photo projections & an ideas folio.

3. Sketches

A sketch will only be required if there is no existing image that fits the clients requirements.  At this stage a £20 payment will be required as the sketch may be time consuming.  This will show a commitment from both the artist and client.  The £20 is deductible from the final cost if the client proceeds with the work.

A sketch is not always required

4. The Contract

I will draw up a contract and estimate including all the T&Cs.  My estimates will be as accurate as possible and rarely change.  I charge per piece rather than by the hour.  This is much fairer for the client.  If a job overruns, there will be no extra charge - unless changes to the plan are requested by the client, which will be charged at £15 per hour.

A deposit of 25% will be required on or before day one, and then work will begin!

5. The Finished Mural

I work hard to give you the finest possible finish.  I am confident that you will be happy with my work.  If there is anything you are not happy with, I would rather you tell me as I can probably fix it.  I want my clients to be happy with the mural and I am extremely proud of the work I produce, so I will not tarnish my reputation with substandard work!


how much does a mural cost?

The most common question! The truth is that every mural needs to be priced separately.  The main factors are size, level of detail and number of colours.  Following an initial meeting, if there is a clear idea of what mural you would like, then I will be able to get a quote to you ASAP. 

But I know you are going to ask for a ball-mark figure, so to give you an idea, I have compiled this table:


£25 - £50 per square meter


£60 - £90 per square meter


£100 - £150 per square meter

Other costs:

• Scaffolding and extensive ladder work will also be priced if necessary

• Surface preparation (if required) 

• Further completion work, such as varnishing (if required) 


Tel: 07966369170


You are buying an original piece of art – something unique.  Painting well is a skill that not all artists excel at.  Paul's painting skills are recognised by all his customers and other artists.  His prices are reasonable.  You will always get a top quality painting - something that cannot be guaranteed by other mural artists!