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Katrina Johnson Thompson Mural

Finally, I can officially unveil this one.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

🥇My 250th mural. This was sponsored by @britishgas to celebrate KJT's Liverpool roots and her journey all the way to the Olympics through sheer hard work and motivation.💪🏽

The statements were chosen by KJT and British Gas. The mural is (I think) the biggest in Liverpool, measuring 30 metres high and 12 metres wide. It is my second-largest mural to date.🙌

We know all Britain will be willing Kat on at the summer's Olympics in Paris, especially all of us in her home city. 🙌

Thanks to @and.freeman for persevering with me to get this project to happen. Thanks to Councillor Christine Banks for helping source the wall. Thanks to DBD Liverpool and @bally84 for securing wall permits.
Also @excelsior_liverpool & @lovelockscoffeeshop for allowing use of their facilities during the painting.

And thanks to Kat for becoming my niece's new hero (I've lost my perch 😅)

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