Edge Butchers & Boysenberry Deli mural 

During the summer of 2020, a large section of the main high street in the Wirral town of New Ferry was transformed. A row of shops which had somewhat ordinary facias, some in need of a little TLC, were transformed in just a few weeks into something very special. The centre pieces of this transformation was the farmyard murals at Boysenberry and Edge & Sons Butchers. Boysenberry was adorned with five black saddleback piglets, whilst the front of Edge & Sons Butchers was decorated with two moody brooding Highland Cows.

The impact of the these street art works alone and as part of a larger 5 mural strip, was massive. The locals and visitors have unanimously given the work the thumbs up and really taken it to their hearts.

This is all the more special when considering the recent events in New Ferry. In 2017, a furniture warehouse in the centre of the town was the scene of a large explosion that had a devastating effect on the town, both materially and mentally. The community suffered immensely through the actions of one individual's actions. It was an insurance job gone wrong. Since then, the community has been working hard to rebuild and regenerate. These murals are the most visible sign of a new New Ferry. A community now looking to the future with hope and optimism. Phase one of the project has been so successful that Phase 2 has been given the green light by both the New Ferry Residents Association and Wirral Council and will begin in February 2021.