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Paul Curtis with Danny Boyle
Mural at Liverpool Lime Street
Lime Street Station Mural
Paul Curtis Artwork
All you need is Love Movie Mural
Artwork Fitters at train station
Jack and Ellis Movie Mural
Paul Curtis with his Mural for Danny Boyle
Installing Liverpool Landmark Mural
Liverpool Cathedral, St Georges Hall and the Liver Building

"Thank you! We're really happy with how its turned out, it looks great! Thanks for getting it done at such short notice."

-Danny Boyle

Press Coverage:

Paul Curtis Your Move.jpg
Danny Boyle Film Mural

A commissioned piece for the upcoming Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis film.  Danny Boyle and his team needed a mural to use as a backdrop in the film.  The scene in question was being filmed in Lime Street Station in Liverpool.  There was work going on in the station and the mural was to be used to hide the works.


The production team had stumbled upon the Liverpool Landmarks mural at Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane .  They loved the bright depictions of the famous Liverpool buildings and wanted something similar, with the addition of a train (it was a station after all!).

The film has the working title "Jack and Ellie" or "All you Need is Love".  It will not be screened until Autumn 2019.  It stars Lily James, Himesh Patel and Ed Sheeran.  It is a romcom with a heavy dose of Beatles references.

The list of buildings: The Liver Buildings, St Georges Hall, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Cathedral, St Johns Tower (Radio City Tower), Mann Island, Lime Street Station plus a steam Train.

"I was just getting out the shower when I was called by Danny Boyle's production team.  At first I thought it was a wind-up.  They gave me an outline of what they wanted and told me about how they had seen and liked the work I did at Edge Lane.  This helped speed up the design phase at least.

Due to health and safety (and some initial obstructiveness from Network Rail!), I had to order MDF panels and work off-site.  I only had 9 days to complete the project, so it was a stressful few days - I couldn't miss the filming deadline! 

I delivered the panels to Lime Street Station the night before filming.  The next morning, I got to meet Danny Boyle.  He is a very genuine fella and was happy to chat about my work and said he loved the finished mural.  He even asked if we could get a photo together.  I wish him all the best with the film!"

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