Disney Donald Duck Art
Disney Huey Louie Dewey Duck
Disney Seven Dwarves Dopey
Disney Rafiki Lion King Monkey
Disney Stitch Monsters Inc Mural
Disney Monsters Inc Squishy
Disney Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland

"Absolutely brilliant! Thanks! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you” 

-Mr Wessman (client, Liverpool)

"I created this Disney themed wall mural for a children's bedroom in Liverpool.  The little girl chose a real mismatch of characters, but she was the boss, so I was more than happy to paint them.  In case you can't name them all, they are Donald Duck, The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Huey Dewey & Louie, Stich & Squishy (Monsters Inc) and Rafiki (Lion King). 

I added a lot of shading to increase the depth of each character.  The stars are painted in luminous paint so they glow in the dark."

Disney Characters Mural