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Dr Who Mural

An epic mural depicting icons from Doctor Who landing in Liverpool. This artwork was unveiled at World Museum, Liverpool, for the blockbuster exhibition Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder.

Liverpool artist Paul Curtis was behind the striking mural is almost 15 metres wide and three metres high. It was painted entirely by Paul – taking two weeks to fully complete. Alongside a stunning depiction of Liverpool’s iconic skyline, classic symbols of the TV show are seen descending on the city.


From the instantly recognisable TARDIS to petrifying Weeping Angels and Sontarans, the mural weaves together icons of over 60 years of Doctor Who – the longest-running science adventure show in the world. Paul Curtis said: "It's been really exciting to work on this painting at World Museum – the mural contains some classic icons from over 60 years' worth of TV, along with the fascinating scientific elements that underpin the exhibition."


He added: "Acting as the entrance point to the show, I hope it can attract visitors to come in and explore some of the incredible behind-the-scenes stories about the science that brings Doctor Who to life. At over 15 feet wide, you certainly can’t miss it!"


The mural has a very mysterious feel with lots of dark, outer-space-like skies with black holes and nebulae. There is plenty of smoke and dots of light piercing through the haze to add to the fear of the unknown. The mural really reflects the atmosphere of the show. The 2021 series, which featured John Bishop and was set in Liverpool, is also mirrored in the artwork. The World Museum itself and a nightscape view of Liverpool from the Liver Buildings feature.


Fiona Philpott, Director of Exhibitions at National Museums Liverpool, said: "We're thrilled to be welcoming the world premiere of Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder to World Museum. We're so lucky to be the first museum in the world to host this must-see experience, which offers exclusive insight for Doctor Who buffs, science fiction fans and anybody else with a curious mind.


"Paul's fantastic new mural highlights the many links between Liverpool and Doctor Who over the years – explored further within the exhibition with a fascinating new 'Liverpool Connections' area, underlining the many links behind the TV show and our great city."


The mural was part of the BBC's, Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder at World Museum exhibition which ran from May 2022 - October 2022. This ground-breaking exhibition explored the science behind the global hit series Doctor Who and will give fans a chance to experience the Doctor's adventures from a scientific perspective.


Through a range of immersive experiences and interactive content, visitors could journey through Cosmic Curiosities, discover more about the time-travelling Police Box in the TARDIS Tech room, and visit the Monster Vault to get up close to some of the weird and wonderful characters that have graced our screens. The exhibition gave visitors the chance to engage with rare, behind-the-scenes artefacts some of which have been procured from the BBC's own archive.


Game of Thrones star Mark Gatiss – co-creator of BBC's Sherlock and writer of several episodes of Doctor Who – narrated the exhibition, guiding visitors through space and time. Mark said: "So many people who have gone on to work in science have had their interest piqued by watching Doctor Who, and one of the amazing things about the show is its ability to make us wonder. I'm thrilled to be part of the exhibition and I do hope as many curiously minded people as possible take the opportunity to visit."

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