LFC Gerrard & Carragher Mural

Istanbul 2005. One of, if not THE, greatest night in Liverpool FC's history. Liverpool's fifth European Cup was achieved in a final that has achieved legendary status. It is considered the greatest final of all time. A comeback from 3-0 down against the mighty AC Milan seemed impossible. Yet, and with a great deal owing to Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, Liverpool seized victory from the jaws of defeat.


This mural of Carra and Gerrard is located at Hotel Anfield, just a stones throw away from Anfield Stadium. It celebrates the ecstasy and sheer relief the team experienced that night. However, it also celebrates the history of the club and reflects that without the solid foundations built by those who went before, this feat would likely never have been achieved. Two heroes of the past, Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish, look on at the lads celebrating the momentous night.