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Paul Curtis Docks
Paul Curtis Docks Painting
Liverpool Docks Mural
Liverpool Docks Art
Docks Mural
Dockers Mural
Liverpool Dockers
Dockers by Paul Curtis
1960's Liverpool Docks mural

A moody, black and white depiction of Liverpool's Docks in the 1960's.  The view is across Princes Docks looking towards the Liver Buildings.  Although the view has changed hugely in the past 50 years, you can still find the exact spot (as shown on the video) and even see the old tram lines in the foreground.  

The docks were still very active in the 1960's and the scene shows a couple of old salts chewing the fat at the end of a hard shift.  

Then artwork is located at Amazon Management on Princes Dock (not far from the actual view point). 


"I love it, we can't believe how realistic it looks"

-Sue  (Manager, Amazon)

North Liverpool Mural Map.png
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