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Liverpool's Landmark Mural
Paul Curtis Liverpool's Landmark Mur
Liverpool Landmark's Mural Town Hall
Liverpool Landmark St Georges Hall
Liver Building Mural
Liverpool Chinese ArchDSCF7669
City of Colour Mural
City of Colour Mural
Port of Liverpool Mural
City of Colour Mural
Mini Liver Bird Wings
Cains Brewery Mural
City of Colour Mural
Liverpool Cathedral
City of Colour Mural
City of Colour Mural

Press Coverage:

Liverpool Landmarks Mural

This epic mural is  40 metre long (that's the length of 3 buses!) and 2.5m high, making it 100 square metres in area.  Amazingly it took Paul just one month working alone to complete this feat.  It has 31 of Liverpool's most iconic buildings and landmarks. 


The list of buildings: The Liver Buildings, Port of Liverpool, Edward VII statue, Liverpool Town Hall, St Georges Hall, Queen Victoria monument, Hope Street, Albert Dock, Walker Art Gallery, Picton Reading Room, Mersey Tunnel ventilation tower, Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool's Chinese Arch, The Bluecoat Chambers, Cain's Brewery, For All Liverpool's Liver Birds, Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, Radio City Tower, Museum of Liverpool , The Botanical Gardens of Edge Lane, Mann Island, St Lukes (the bombed out church), Littlewoods Building, Stephenson's Rocket Train and Liverpool's Municipal Building.


"The Liverpool Landmarks Mural" (actually called City of Colour) was commissioned by Liverpool Shopping Park. The aim was to cover a large section of hoarding with something other than generic vinyls.  It is huge, 40 metres long!  The outline was simple, fill the space with something colourful that includes links to Liverpool and Edge Lane. 


I only had a few days to design it and given that the space was long and thin, the waterfront sprung to mind.  I quickly realised that the scale wouldn't work, but I kept the idea of doing the landmarks.  I chose a mix of old and new buildings and interlocked them together.  As well as some obvious choices I chose some that I personally like (such as the One Stop Shop Building on Dale Street).  We have such beautiful architecture here and I think some gems go unnoticed because we are spoilt. 


The first panels are the nod to Edge Lane; the Rocket Train (the only non building on it), the Botanical Gardens glass house (the only building that no longer exists - I did this as a Meccano model (another Edge Lane link)) and the Littlewoods Building.  The rest are various buildings around Liverpool (mostly central). 


I kept 5 main colours in mind for the buildings.  They are all bright (most buildings are grey and white so would not fit the brief) and colourful and I hope it brightens up the car park.  My only disappointment is that the hoarding will be pulled down in about a year.  I hope they save the paintings in some way, but who knows."

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