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The Wolf of Wall Street.  An instant movie classic.  The imagery from that film was very iconic and, naturally, there are many huge fans of the movie.


This mural is a collage build around the main star, Leonardo Dicaprio, in character as Jordan Belfort.  It includes the Lamborghini and several of the excesses the film is famous for: Rolexes, cash, champagne, cocaine and 100 dollar bills.  The colours are a mish mash of neons, suitably matching the excesses of the film and the 1980's


The original piece is located at Smudge Studios in Anfield.


There are 4 options for this print: 

A3 Framed - £70

A3 Unframed - £30

A4 Framed - £45

A4 Unframed - £20


The print measures 16" x 12" for the A3 size and 12" x 8" for the A4 size.  The framed prints come in a simple stylish gallery type frame complete with card mounting.


All prints are on high quality photographic paper and have a lustre finish. 


UK postage £1.80 or £3.75 for the unframed and £5.95 / £7.50 for the framed, collection (Liverpool City Centre) is available at no cost.


Please consider that I am a one man band at the moment.  Whilst I try my best to keep a buffer of prints in stock, sometimes I run low and need to do a re-order.  This occasionally means there will be delays in receiving the order, but I will update you regular if this is the case.



Wolf of Wall Street Art Print

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