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Scouse bird Mural

This mural was painted for the famous 'Scouse bird problems' blogger at her home in Crosby, Liverpool. The mural is on the exterior of the house and depicts tropical flowers on a light pink graded background, along with a red macaw parrot. 

Scouse bird is a very well known blogger in Liverpool, for more information, give her a follow on Instagram or Twitter. 

This mural was completed in September 2019, Liverpool, Crosby. 

"I'm now the proud owner of an original Paul Curtis mural"

Steph Johnson (Scouse bird blogger)

Scouse bird Shop Mural

A collaboration between Liverpool's most famous Scouse Bird and Paul Curtis Artwork.

This is a time lapse of the pink leopard print roller shutters that adorns her shop in Liverpool. The idea was to make the shop stand out on the street and it certainly does that. Scouse Bird is a bit of a phenomenon in Liverpool and beyond.

Her fans are fiercely loyal and love her irreverent observations and up-front sense of humour. Check out her social media pages.

This mural was painted in January 2021, just before the shop opened. the shop is located on Tarleton Street, L1.


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