Paul Curtis Artwork
Thornton Hall Jungle Mural
Humming Bird Mural
Monkey Swing Mural
Thornton Hall Hotel
Paul Curtis (Artist, Liverpool, UK)
Thornton Hall Art
Hotel Jungle Mural
Thornton Hall swing mural
Thornton hall jungle mural

A jungle themed mural painted at Thornton Hall Hotel in Thornton Hough on the Wirral.  The wall has a bench built into it which was converted to a swing on the mural.  Amongst the tropical flowers, there is a cheeky monkey holding out for a treat of some sort and three humming birds.


Then artwork is located on the terrace area of the hotel, where many weddings take place.  It forms the perfect backdrop for wedding photos with a bit of a difference. 



"I love it, its been brilliant watching it all come together"

-Andrew  (Manager, Thornton Hall)

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