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Tranmere FC Murals
Away Days
Away Days Mural 

Another Tranmere Rovers Trust collaboration, located on the side of Prenton Park. 

Awaydays TRFC street art


The Bench mural
The Bench Mural 

The bench mural at Prenton Park featuring Micky Mellon, Pat Nevin,  Warwick Rimmer and Ian Goodison. A proper seat will be fitted so you can be part of the squad.

This was a battle against the elements to do this one,, the wall always seemed to be wet and I was constantly repainting sections that were washed away.


TRFC Army Bus Mural 

The TRFC traveling army bus, celebrating the 1991 play-off final victory. All the Wirral communities are listed on the towers.


TRFC gazelles mural
Tranmere Gazelles Mural  

Another piece for Tranmere Rovers trust . A design doctored by 80s casual classics.  Jamie Duggin kindly allowed us to paint this on the side of Beechwood Community Club near Bidston.


Johnny King


Johnny King Mural 

The legendary Tranmere Rovers manager, Johnny King. A small tribute to the man, painted on the Johnny King stand at Prenton park. This, and the badges, were another initiative by Tranmere Rovers Trust. 

The family approved of the mural, and that means a huge amount to me. I didn't want to let them down.

Johnny King Mural
Penton park
Prenton Park Mural 

Tranmere Rovers winning the 2019 League Two playoff final. Here is Nicola Pailos and Mark Palios celebrating

Another collaboration with the fantastic Tranmere Rovers Trust.
This mural was a struggle in the weather but got there in the end. 


Prenton park crest 3
Prenton Park Crests Murals

A few pieces on the Johnny King stand at Prenton Park. Three historical crests for TRFC. Kudos to all the volunteers who worked hard over the summer to give the stand a makeover.


TRFC food back
TRFC Food bank Mural

A mural to mark all the amazing work Tranmere Rovers trust have done providing support to the community during the coronavirus. Amongst other things, they have provided over 35000 meals to those who most need it. 

The mural depicts Liam and Annie sharing a tangerine in front of the Johnny King statue and is on Borough Road. Thanks also to CCB Primary.



TRFC Ray Mathias +Ian Muir Print
TRFC Legends Mural 

This large scale street art mural captures Tranmere Rovers legends Ian Muir & Ray Mathias in their hey day. 

The Tranmere Rovers Supporter's Trust have a mission to improve the match day experience and generate a bit of excitement and community amongst the fan.  This mural is a big part of that mission.  


Few players have had the same impact at Tranmere Rovers as Ray Mathias.  Having played for the Whites for a period spanning 21 years, in which he took to the field 637 times, Mathias remains the club’s all-time record appearance holder.

To a generation of Tranmere Rovers fans, Ian Muir is remembered as a legendary player, who played the starring role in the greatest period of the club's history and also the finest centre forward not to have played in the top tier of English football.  He holds the club goal scoring record of 142 goals in 314 appearances.


It was a massive honour for me to paint this mural and I'm Really happy with the way it has turned out.  The club and the fans have treated me exceptionally and I want to thank them for the amazing support and positivity I have received from them.  It was also fantastic to get to meet Ian and Ray.  

Tranmere Rovers Crest Mural

The colourful version of the Tranmere Rovers crest. Painted in New Ferry by Paul Curtis. This version of the crest was introduced in 1987, but has since been simplified to a blue and white badge these days. The crest is an adaptation of the Birkenhead Coat of Arms and is full of historical significance and symbolism. The mural is located on the side of Risa Curry House on New Chester Road in New Ferry, Wirral. 



Oxton Tranmere Badge
Oxton Tranmere Rovers Crest Mural 

The Birkenhead Coat of Arms was modified in the early 1990s by Tranmere Rovers FC and used on their shirts for a short period.


The arms were officially granted to Birkenhead on August 28, 1878. The borough of Birkenhead was founded in 1877 after the merger of Birkenhead, Claughton-cum-Grange, Oxton and Tranmere. The new borough received its arms on August 28, 1878, and the symbols in the new arms were taken from the seals of the former towns. The crosier and the lion were taken from the old Birkenhead seal and represent the Benedictine monastery in Birkenhead. The monastery was founded by Hamon de Massey in 1150 and the lion is taken from the arms of the Massey family. The oak is taken from Tranmere. The two lions are taken from Oxton. The meaning of the crescents is not known.The crest shows the lion and crosier again as well as an anchor symbolising that Birkenhead depends on sailing and shipping.


This painting was done in Oxton, Birkenhead. It was a commission piece for Tranmere Rovers Trust.


This particular coat of arms unexpectedly became controversial. It received a large amount of media attention as a few local residents did not like it being located in Oxton. Some residents liked the mural and want it to stay. Needless to say, the local press loved exploiting this divide.


Charlie Lindsay Mural
Tranmere Rovers Hooligan Mural 

The late-1970s heralded the start of a dark period for Tranmere Rovers as a return to the fourth tier was compounded by dwindling fan interest and boardroom turmoil. Only 259 season tickets were sold for the 1979-80 season, an increase from 153 the previous year, as Rovers spiralled towards a dark era culminating in the disastrous ownership of American tycoon Bruce Osterman.

Morale was certainly low among Rovers fans, and that mood soured as Bournemouth played some exhibition football. The visitors raced to a 5-0 lead in effortless style as Tranmere capitulated. Late in the second half, Bournemouth, managed by Alec Stock, eased up and began to run down the clock. That was the catalyst for one enraged pensioner to write his name in the Tranmere Rovers history books. Charlie Lindsay was 72-years old. Very little is known about his background, other than his evident love of Tranmere Rovers and his regular surfacing in the Cowshed at Prenton Park. That’s exactly where Charlie stood on the fateful night Bournemouth ran amok, and he couldn’t bear the humiliation. With about ten minutes to go, as the Cherries won a goal-kick, Lindsay hurdled the railing and stormed towards the visiting goalkeeper, Kenny Allen, who he then proceeded to thrash across the backside with his walking stick.

Tranmere Trio

Johnny King, Les Parry and Danny Holmes.


A collaboration with Tranmere Rovers Supporters Trust Ltd


Painted in summer 2022 by Paul Curtis, the street art mural is located in Home Farm Road in Woodchurch, Wirral. This mural is particularly poignant. This was the last mural Paul worked on with Ben Harrison (who was Chairman of the Tranmere Rovers Supporters Trust). Ben sadly passed away in August 2023. He backed Paul in painting 18 TRFC murals and was a good man who did so much selfless work for Tranmere and charities. Rest in peace Ben.


The painting celebrate 3 Tranmere Rovers figures, namely:

Johnny King: the most successful manager Prenton Park has ever known. A football manager who built exciting and successful football teams and won the hearts as well as the respect and admiration of supporters. The love affair lasted long after King reluctantly stepped aside for the last time in 1996. In two spells in charge of the team, won three promotions and in the second - 1987 to 1996 - took the club from the old Fourth Division to hammer on the door of the Premier League. In his own words he took the modest Wirral club "on a rocket ride to the moon". For many players and supporters, it was the ride of a lifetime.


Les Parry physiotherapist and former manager of Tranmere Rovers Football Club from October 2009 until March 2012. Parry worked with Tranmere Rovers as physiotherapist since 1991 before succeeding John Barnes in the managerial position at Tranmere. He kept his former job during his first season as manager. Having only recruited on caretaker basis, he guided the club to five wins and three draws, earning him a permanent contract on 16 December 2009. Later that season, he staved off relegation from the League One. After finishing 18th in the 2010-11 campaign, his first full season in charge, Parry was awarded the Liverpool Echo Special Award for Outstanding Service to Sport. In the same season, Parry completed the amazing feat of attending 1001 consecutive First Team matches a feat made more remarkable by the fact that for more than 900 of those matches when he was physio, he wore nothing more than tee-shirt and shorts, even on the coldest of evenings.


Danny Holmes was born in Birkenhead, Merseyside. He began his career with Tranmere Rovers, the team he supports, joining the club at the age of seven. He originally played as a forward but eventually became a defender. Having captained the youth and reserve teams,[citation needed] he signed his first professional in July 2007, shortly before the 2007–08 season.


TRFC crest and rosette_edited.jpg
Tranmere Rovers Crest and Rosette Mural

As a mark of the Tranmere Rovers Trust's positive relationship with the Wirral dean community centre, I have painted their two badges side by side on the wall of the mosque (on Borough Road)

This is the 7th colourful TRFC badge I have done. I would like to say I could do it blindfolded, but it is a very complex crest! The Mosque's emblem is also just as tricky - an 8-pointed interlocking geometric rosette. Keeping all those angles in check, and my line work sharp was an absolute 'mare! 


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