Anfield Primary Murals

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Harry Potter Mural 

Harry Potter attended Anfield Primary School In Liverpool before he went to Hogworts. Well he didn't really, but the idea of this inspired a re-imagining of some of Liverpool's most iconic landmarks in Hogsmeade style. This massive mural adorns the canteen hall at Anfield Primary.

This was an epic two week project that includes the Liver Building, Royal Albert Dock, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, St Lukes "bombed-out" church, Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool Castle, St Johns Beacon and of course, Anfield Primary School.

The kids loved it although a couple of them were a bit spooked by the brooding castle and tower.


Earth from Anfield

The whole wide world captured on the side of Anfield Primary School in Liverpool.

The earth is approximately 6 metres in diameter. It was a spot of good luck that the circumference matched up exactly with the curved window lintel.


The painting is in the school yard. The school has an international mix of children and hopefully the kids will be able to teach each other a little, pointing out which part of the world their families hail from.


Sir David Attenborough Mural

Everyone's favourite adopted grandad, David Attenborough, meets Henri Rousseau.
There's a huge amount of detail included. I loved working on this one at Anfield Primary especially as I am a fan of Rousseau. I've included loads of hidden animals for the kids to discover.

The paintings used for  inspiration were: "Tiger in a Tropical Storm" and “The Dream"


Beatrix Meadow Mural

A tribute to the the books and characters that Beatrix Potter created, painted at Anfield Primary. The mural follows the four seasons and teaches the kids a bit about the flora of the seasons. 

Image 1: The centre piece of the large mural, Beatrix Meadows, painted at Anfield Primary.
A portrait of Beatrix Potter beneath a blossom tree with her creations, Peter Rabbit and his sister, Cottontail

Image 2: Jeremy Fisher and his carefree existence.

Image 3: These three characters represent people you can find in most workplaces, a fox, a badger and a mole. One person swanning around, one working hard and one "supervising" the worker.