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Click on the images to link to the dedicated page for each mural (well, some but not all)

For All Liverpool's Liver Birds
Jamaica Street, Liverpool


Red Rum final mural- Paul Curtis

Red Rum Mural
Scarisbrick Avenue, Southport

Charlie Landsborough mural

Charlie Landsborough Mural
Birkenhead North Station, Birkenhead

Victorian Circus Monkey
Circo, Seel Street, Liverpool

Black Panther Artwork.jpg

Black Panther Mural
Kingdom, Liverpool

Liverpool Landmark Mural
Liverpool Shopping Park, Edge Lane, Liverpool

Red Rum The Bold Mural.jpg

Red Rum White Line Mural
The Bold, Southport

Evolution of Man
Liverpool Life Sciences, Greenland Street, Liverpool

Coffee Plant Mural
Coffee and Fandisha, Brick Street, Liverpool

Paul Curtis Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools & Horses Street Art
Only Fools Bar, Seel Street, Liverpool

Liverpool Culture Mural
Taco Bell, Liverpool

Clatterbridge Pacman Mural
Lord Street, Liverpool

Three lilies mural at 53

Three White Lilies Mural
53 degrees, Liverpool

Liverpool buildings, Paul Curtis, Unite

Colourful (ish) Liverpool Mural 
Unite students, Liverpool

Other Murals

Paul started painting street art and murals in 2017.  Having never planned on becoming an artist, he was starting from scratch with zero experience and at the base of a very steep learning curve.  To begin with, the murals were quite small scale: children’s bedrooms, small restaurants etc.  Painting “For all Liverpool’s Liver Birds” was obviously a turning point.  Paul started to receive commissions for larger and larger pieces.  

Each mural, and in particular, each piece of street art, has its own unique challenges.  The big difference between traditional artwork and street art is essentially the canvas.  In traditional artwork, the artist selects what he/she wants to paint and selects a canvas to suit the idea.  In street art, the wall is the canvas and therefore the wall dictates the artwork to a certain extent.

As time has progressed, the standard of his work has naturally improved.  The size of the murals has also increased so much so that in 2021, Paul painted the largest mural ever painted by a single artist in Great Britain: “Ainsley & Dale, the Ainsdale Sand Lizards”

When I began painting, I started with all sorts of projects, just looking for any commissions to help me survive.  After a while, I began to recognise that street art and large-scale works is the work I most enjoy.  For me, it is a real labour of love, transforming a large unloved wall into a colourful, bright artwork that is free for the public to enjoy and hopefully brightens their day for a minute or two.

Paul’s murals have had a massive effect on the Merseyside region.  He has painted over 200 pieces and they are now a real draw for locals and tourists alike.  If you wish to find out where the murals are, use this link for a map of his public works.

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