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Baby Street Art, Liverpool
Baby Ethan Mural 


A huge baby swimming underwater in Liverpool city centre. This mural by street artist, Paul Curtis, is potentially the largest street art painting in the centre of Liverpool. Located on the side of The Abbey Road bar on Harrington Street in Liverpool, the mural was painted in May 2021 and took 8 days to complete. It measures 18 metres high and 10 metres wide. The piece was commissioned by Derwent Estates Ltd. The baby is said to represent the re-birth of Liverpool and the new hopes and potential of the future following the Coronavirus lockdowns. The underwater element was to try to create an illusion that the building is a pool tank. It also allowed the use of a rich blue colour to help add bright colour to the piece. The name Ethan is chosen by the artist. At the time of painting, his sister was expecting a baby boy, named Ethan.

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