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Paul’s work is primarily large-scale murals and street art, but from time to time he is able to stay in the warmth of the studio and create the sort of canvases and sketches that are a bit more reflective of his personal tastes.  


When I first started painting, I found that I was influenced by the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.  I either chose to paint images that were high glamour, sort of film noir or jazz etc, or working-class scenes of people working or kids in the street.  I almost always included a human element as l believe that is what engages and intrigues viewers.  


My early works tended to be black and white or quite dark in composition.  I found that when painting murals and street art that there is much more demand for bright and boldly colourful compositions.  That gave me much more confidence to be more colourful with my own canvases, and this is reflected in my later work.


Paul usually works with acrylic paint.  He does not have an extensive portfolio of canvas work as most of his time is spent preparing and painting murals.  If you would like to commission a studio piece, please contact him.

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It is possible to commission your own artwork such as a portrait. Any particular style could be accommodated.

Commissioned art makes a great personal gift for yourself or a loved one. I will give you a free, no obligation quote for any commission you may be interested in purchasing.

Boy Portrait.png
Little Girl Roald Dahl
Family Portrait

The best way to commission a piece of art is to fill in the form at the bottom of this page or email me (  If you prefer, you can simply call me on, 07966369170. All I will need is a photograph to work from (either sent digitally or in the post (which will be returned on completion of the work)).  

I will need this information to give you a pricing for the work.  Each commission piece must be priced separately.  The main factors are size, medium, level of detail and number of colours.  As you’d expect, some jobs are more complex than others and my pricing will reflect this. 

The piece can be created remotely and mailed back to you.  I can keep you updated with progress by emailing pictures if you wish.


Tel: 07966369170


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