Liverpool FC Murals

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Bastion of invincibility.png
Bastion of Invincibility mural

Istanbul 2005. One of, if not THE, greatest night in Liverpool FC's history. Liverpool's fifth European Cup was achieved in a final that has achieved legendary status. It is considered the greatest final of all time. A comeback from 3-0 down against the mighty AC Milan seemed impossible. Yet, and with a great deal owing to Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, Liverpool seized victory from the jaws of defeat.


This mural of Carra and Gerrard is located at Hotel Anfield, just a stones throw away from Anfield Stadium. It celebrates the ecstasy and sheer relief the team experienced that night. However, it also celebrates the history of the club and reflects that without the solid foundations built by those who went before, this feat would likely never have been achieved. Two heroes of the past, Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish, look on at the lads celebrating the momentous night.


Jurgen Klopp mural 

The Jurgen Klopp mural painted at Jurgen's Bierhaus in Liverpool. Jurgen is captured doing his now famous 6 finger celebration, one for each of Liverpool FC's Champions League trophies. Jurgen was seen making this pose, albeit a little worse for wear, on the back of Liverpool's celebration home coming bus tour following their victory over Tottenham Hotspur in the final in Madrid in 2019. Lets talk about six baby. The mural is in Jurgen's Bar, located on the Strand in Liverpool.


Jordan Henderson Alan Hansen Print
Hendo mural 

This mural was painted to celebrate Liverpool winning the 2020 Premier League title. It was sponsored by Revilo Properties and is located on Old Barn Road in Anfield, Liverpool.

The mural depicts Jordan Henderson lifting the Premier League trophy but also features Alan Hansen lifting the 1990 First division trophy. Thus, the artwork encapsulates the successes of the modern Liverpool squad but also appreciates the success that went before and doesn't ignore the long wait for the 19th League Title.

Hendo is painted in full colour, looking towards the Anfield Stadium and to further successes in the future. Alan Hansen is depicted behind him, slightly in the background and in black and white. This was done to convey time and history. It also makes for a good contrast (the black, white and red).


YNWA mural

Inspired by Liverpool FC's anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone.  This YNWA mural was painted for a lady in Anfield, Liverpool, who is a life-long red.  It was also a piece dedicated to her husband who has sadly passed away.

The graffiti style writing is backed by a red liver bird.

A pleasure to work on this one.  The lady who requested it was a lovely person and so enthusiastic about LFC and the finished artwork!

The KOP mural 

The famous Kop at Anfield. The Liverpool fans captured as they made a poignant mosaic tribute in aid of the 96 who tragically never came home from the FA cup semi final tie between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forrest in 1989. This mural is located at Jurgen's bierhouse on The Strand in Liverpool. 


Kenny Daglish & Bill Shankly print
Liverpool Legends mural 

A time lapse of the LFC mural at Bierkeller in Liverpool by Liverpool street artist, Paul Curtis. This mural depicts Liverpool legends, Bill Shankly and Kenny Dalglish amidst a backdrop of famous red and white Kop flags. The mural is part of a larger painting , called "The Derby" which sees LFC facing EFC.


Unfortunately, quite a bit of the footage disappeared, so there are a few jumps in the time sequence.


Bill Shankly is responsible for launching Liverpool FC from an average regional football team into the most successful team in English history. He can rightly be regarded as one of the best managers in the world. Kenny Dalglish is widely regarded by many people as LFC's greatest player, and is affectionally known as King Kenny.


Anne Williams Mural

A symbol of the city, a hero and an amazing woman.


“It’s an honour to be asked to do this because of what Anne, the other families and the survivors went through and how they kept fighting for the truth for so many years. Everyone knows how important this is to the city and I’m very conscious of that."


“Anne is a heroic figure to many people because she represents that attitude of never giving in when faced with a terrible situation and all the unfair decisions and obstacles which were put in the way of justice."


“She kept going through it all and I think that’s the kind of spirit people relate to in Liverpool so it’s really nice this tribute is now there in memory of her.”


Anne Williams fought hard for a new enquiry into the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, her actions being prompted by the death of her own son Kevin at Hillsborough, who had been crushed to death in the disaster.


She was a mother of three from Formby who worked part-time in a newsagents, and levelled several legal attacks at the first Hillsborough inquest, questioning the credibility of its findings.


Her fight was long but she was unwavering and should always be seen as a shining light of perseverance and standing up for justice against the odds. In January 2022, Anne's story has been depicted in a docudrama, penned by Liverpool writer, Kevin Sampson. The brilliant actress, Maxine Peake, plays Anne.


It is difficult to watch at times due to some highly emotional and heart-breaking scene, but it is recommended that everyone should watch the series. Anne holding her fist aloft in celebration of the Hillsborough Independent Panel on September 12, 2012 - which quashed the initial inquest verdicts.