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Shop Murals
Venus- PCA
Venus with Flower-Filled Hair Mural 

Painted for The White Rooms beauty Salon in Liverpool. Thanks to the White Rooms Clinic for the commission (extra brownie points for the generous tip). Those tricky roller shutters again.

Painted in June 2020

Graffiti Girl mural 

A mixture of pure art and graffiti tagging art. A clash of two styles. Painted at House of Colour Academy on Bold Street Liverpool.

The face is a beautiful young model with piercing blue eyes and ruby red lips, both of which especially stand out as the face is painted in grey scale. Her hair is an explosion of colour, a mixture of graffiti tagging, flowers and shiny beads. The overall result is a symphony of styles and colours. Painted  in 2020

Disco Ball Street Art Paul Curtis
Disco Ball Mural 

Disco time!

Painted for Star salon in Aigburth. Doing rows of curving mirrors on horizontal shutters is a killer!

Painted in September 2018.

Doll Beauty mural
Doll Beauty Mural

Painted for Doll Beauty in Bury, Greater Manchester. The purpose of this mural was to be used as a backdrop for clients photos and to add some colour to the studio. 

Dr Rose club mural 2
Dr Rose Club Murals 

Painted for Dr Rose Club in Birkenhead. The first mural depicts the Greek goddess Thalia, daughter of Zeus and the goddess of comedy. The second mural matches the name of the clinic and these murals were both completed in 2020. 

Charismas girls
Charisma's Girls

Four girls having a good old gossip whilst being pampered at the salon.  I liked the glamour and the spirit of the 1950's which has been captured in this image of all my exes. 

This was quite a complex image with many elements incorporated, least of all, four separate portraits which had to be spot on.

Vaper Viper Mural 1

A green viper mural painted for The Vaper Rooms in Garston Liverpool by Paul Curtis Artwork. The snake is in aggressive stance with huge fangs on display and mouth wide open. Three days work, painted on a plaster wall with acrylic paint. Paul Curtis Artwork is available for

Vaper Viper Mural 2

The owner of The Vaper Rooms asked me back to paint his second shop, this time in West Derby, Liverpool.  The idea was to keep continuity with his logo and snake theme, similar but different to the mural in his first shop.   Here is The Green Viper 2. This time, I played around with wrapping the green snake around the company's logo depicted as a silver medallion.

Lost Soles Mural 

A time-lapse of the Liverpool City Mural painted by Paul Curtis at Lost Soles Clothing. The mural depicts many of Liverpool's famous architectural wonders, including The Royal Liver Buildings, St George's Hall, St John's Beacon, the Museum of Liverpool, the Port of Liverpool Building, the Royal Albert Docks and the Superlambanana. The mural is in a half monochrome, half-bold colour style that is a bit of a trademark style of Paul's. The buildings are slightly simplified to increase the boldness of the lines and shadows. Lost Soles is an independent menswear clothing range that specialises in casual styles, highly popular with football fans. Their flagship store is located on Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock, which is where you will find this mural

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