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Paul Curtis with Wings Street Art
Jenny Slade
For All Liverpool's Liver Birds
For all Liverpool's Liver birds
Paul Curtis Artwork Liverpool
Liverbird mural Jamaica Street Art
Wings Mural

Press Coverage:

The Guardian 15 August 2017

For All Liverpool's Liver Birds

At 9am on 10 August 2017, Liverpool-born geologist-come-artist Paul Curtis began hand painting a pair of wings on a non-descript brick wall in the Baltic Triangle.

Ten hours later and what has become known as the ‘Liver Bird Wings’ mural was complete. Within two days, queues of selfie-seekers eager to get their own personal picture with the interactive artwork had begun to form on Jamaica Street.

The piece has attracted international press attention.  It is now part of the fabric of the city and they say you’re not really a scouser if you don’t have a picture with the wings.  Tourists from all over the world come to have their photo taken there and many famous faces have made similar pilgrimages. 


"For All Liverpool's Liver Birds"  was make or break for me.  I asked for permission from the council, but every wall I wanted was either restricted or due demolition.  I then went along the businesses on Jamaica Street asking if I could paint on their walls.  A lot of owners didn't want me to, but Deelyn (of Deelyn Jewellery) not only said yes, but was also very positive about it. 


The wall was perfect, but there is the threat that it may come down.  With that in mind, I kept the design simple. 


I knew if I did something interactive that it would be more effective in advertising my work.  The wings idea is not original (that said, nor is painting a face!), I am sure they've been painted for hundreds if not thousands of years.  I knew if I did just white angel wings, it would not be very original.   I was thinking of how to make it more original and how to link it to the city.  I quickly dismissed the red and blue idea!  I live in the shadow of the Liver Building, and it was during a jog down the Pier Head that the obvious idea hit me! 


Key to the mural was that it had to be fun.  I wanted to brighten up people's' days and maybe make them smile.  I expected it to gain interest slowly, but within two days it had gone crazy and was even in the national press (Independent and Guardian).  I don't think I was prepared!  It was lovely though, people sent me their photos and were full of encouragement.  I decided to remain an artist!!

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