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Panther Mural Paul Curtis
Black Panther
Black Panther Paul Curtis Artwork
Black Panther Paul Curtis
Black Panther Painting
Black Panther Mural
Black Panther artwork (2)
Black Panther Artwork
Black Panther Jungle
Black Panther 1
Black Panther Mural

A mural of a black panther pacing into a clearing in the jungle. Shards of sunlight are breaking through the canopy of of the lush green forest. The panther's fur and dappling have been captured perfectly.


This was created in 2019 for the Kingdom nightclub on Harrington Street, Liverpool.  It is a mixture of acrylic paint and spray paint.

"Amazing Paul, 100 times better than what we had there before, you're the best!"

-Jon  (owner, Kingdom)

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