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Painted as a surprise 'welcome back' for the young'uns at Brackenwood Primary School in Bebington. I had a lot of fun playing about with the light and dark with this one. I think it really brightens up a plain old wall. Hope the kids like it.

"There beneath the blue suburban skies"

John and Paul hanging out on Penny Lane.

The early days, fresh from Hamburg. A collaboration with @thisispldt

Had a lot of fun doing this one, especially working on my weather prediction skills ⛈️⛈️⛈️. Check out how I have managed to make the gate threshold disappear, an under-appreciated skill that one.

Keep your eyes peeled for this most recent murals webpage and construction video.

Painted on the exterior of @littlecroftvets in Little Sutton (near Ellesmere Port). Named WoofWoof and Emu by my niece.

Keep an eye out for the construction video of this mural. 👀

Which do you prefer cats or dogs? Or can the two not be compared?

Cats vs dogs mural by Paul Curtis

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