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Cargo Murals
Giant Squid Mural

A striking and unique mural of a giant squid (or is it an octopus) covering a wall in Cargo Restaurant on the Liverpool waterfront.  The monochrome black and white effect keeps it bold and maximises its impact.  The way the tentacles reach around the serving hatch is a nice touch!


Giant Octopus Mural 

​​Octopuses are a popular choice of mural it seems.  The monochrome method used here gives it such a bold appearance.  The great thing about them is that the legs give you a bit of freedom when painting, so you can choose how best to fill the space.

Giant Kraken Attack Mural 

A monochrome depiction of a giant Kraken attacking an old wooden galleon and ripping it in two. 

It's a brooding black and white mural that works well the grey and blue marine style décor of the restaurant.

Captain Nemo Nautilus Mural 

Captain Nemo's Nautilus from Jules Verne's 20000 Leagues Under the Sea - as depicted in the classic Disney Film.  Completed at Cargo Restaurant on the Liverpool Waterfront.


"Achieving the underwater look is more difficult than it looks, particularly when painting black and white.  The addition of fish and seaweed helped, as did the ripple reflections on the top of the submarine."

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