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Clatterbridge Cancer Charity Mural
Clatterbridge Cancer Charity Mural
Pacman and Ghosts
Pacman style with cancer cells
Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis
Paul Curtis with Pacman Mural

Press Coverage:

Clatterbridge Cancer Charity Mural

Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis Artwork, painted this 8-bit, Pacman inspired mural to help raise awareness for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity as part of their #letsgogreen campaign.  It is 12 metres long and is painted on the temporary hoarding on the old BHS store on Lord Street, Liverpool.  It was completed in January 2018 in freezing cold weather!

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity is the only dedicated charity for patients and research at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

By choosing to support our charity, you will help us to transform cancer care for people right here in our area. Last year, work began on building Liverpool's first cancer hospital in the heart of the city, backed by our £15m appeal, which will also ensure significant investment in our Wirral site.


You can be part of this incredible journey, by joining us and raising cash for this once-in-a-generation opportunity!



However you want to do it, Let's Go Green is the perfect way for you to get involved. Whether it's a personal challenge, fundraising at work, school or getting online, anyone can take part!

"Clatterbridge asked me to design a piece of street art for their Go Green campaign.  I was pleased they considered asking me to be part of the project and more than happy to help such a great cause.  There was no strict brief, but it was mostly about awareness and engaging the viewer in some way. 

Cancer is delicate subject to design for.  We wanted it to be something positive that kids would find fun.  So whilst it is a very serious subject, I had to approach it from a different angle.

I focussed on the fight against cancer.  The idea of good versus evil.  Good versus evil was the theme of 90% of retro computer games.  This is when I had the idea of using 1980's games.  Its something I had good memories of and its something that is fun, so hopefully would catch the eye.  The shape of the wall space is important to a mural design and when I saw the hoardings on Lord Street, I knew exactly what would work.  The Clatterbridge logo is reworked into 8-bit pixels and is the hero of the mural, chasing down the evil cancer cells!

I love the 1980's highly pixelated look and the bold colours catch the eye.  I noticed lots of passer-bys turning their heads to see what its about so I think it has been successful in increasing awareness.  Children in particular are drawn to the bright colours (I had been worried that 1980's games may only appeal to middle aged blokes!).

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity is a great cause and if I can help make people stop and think about cancer and the new hospital through my work then that can only be a good thing."

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