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Paul Curtis Artwork Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal art
Michael Jackson mural
Moonwalker Mural
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Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson Artwork

Press Coverage:

Michael Jackson Paul Curtis
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Mural

A unique piece of street art that is influenced by Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video.  The artwork pays homage to Michael's amazing dance moves, particularly his moonwalk. 


The mural is located on the corner of Colquitt Street and Seel Street in Liverpool's city centre, on the old BT building, facing Lago cafe.  This piece was not a commission, but like "For All Liverpool's Liverbirds", was a gift to the city.


The mural really brightens up a dull wall, even though the only colours are mainly black white and blue.  


"I had been thinking about this mural for a while.  I'm not sure how the idea came to me, but I think I had some ideas about how could I create a sequence of movements on a flat 2D wall.  I saw a clip of the Moonwalk recently, and the gliding steps immediately struck me as something that would work.

The dance moves and the white suit are iconic. I added blue movement lines, although part of me thinks there may have been enough movement without needing them,   In any case, I hope it works.

Its been a while since I had the chance to paint a non commissioned piece and have a complete free reign.  I really enjoyed it.  Like "For all Liverpool's Liverbirds" I wanted to do something that brightens up peoples' day and raises a smile!"


The painting took two long days during the hottest days of 2018


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