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This mural formed the centre piece of the "Art of the Terraces" exhibition at the Walker Art gallery, Liverpool, which ran from November 2022 - March 2023.


The mural is titled "Saturday 5pm"


The exhibition and the mural records the impact that the fashions and culture of the football terraces has had on wider society in the UK.  Combining fashion, football, and art as told from the terraces of the stadiums this exhibition is the first major exhibition to tell the story of a movement that defined sports culture of the 1970s, 80s and 90s


This mural represents the scene repeated all over Britain when the game finishes. Some of the key 'casual' brands are hinted at: Stone Island, Adidas, Lacoste, Diadora, Tessuti, Lois Jeans, Fila, CP Company. 


This print is a real nostalgic piece for anyone that experienced (or still does eperience) the terrace lifestyle.


There are 2 options for this print: 

Framed - £50

Unframed - £25


The print measures 40cm x 20cm.  The framed prints come in a simple stylish gallery-type frame.  The frame outer dimensions measure 44cm x 24cm.


All prints are on high-quality photographic paper and have a lustre finish. 


UK postage £3.75 for the unframed and £5.95 for the framed, collection (Liverpool City Centre) is available at no cost.


Please consider that I am a one man band at the moment.  Whilst I try my best to keep a buffer of prints in stock, sometimes I run low and need to do a re-order.  This occasionally means there will be delays in receiving the order, but I will update you regular if this is the case.

Art of the Terraces Print

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