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Which member of the Beatles is your favourite?  


Not many people know that Paul McCartney John Lennon George Harrison & Ringo Starr ✌️ were the first reserves for the Apollo 11 moon landings. No photos exist, so I have done my best to capture how they may have looked. 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀


These murals adorn the walls of The New Lathom Hall in Seaforth, Liverpool, where The Beatles took residency during 1960.


These would be a great and unique present for any Beatles fan.


This is a square print and there are 4 options for purchase: 

Large (12"x12") Framed - £65

Large (12"x12") Unframed - £25

Small (8"x8") Framed - £40

Small (8"x8") Unframed - £15


The print measures 12" x 12" for the large size and 8" x 8" for the small size.  The framed prints come in a simple stylish gallery type frame complete with card mounting.


All prints are on high quality photographic paper and have a lustre finish. 


UK postage £1.80 or £3.75 for the unframed and £5.95 or Â£7.50 for the framed, collection (Liverpool City Centre) is available at no cost.


Please consider that I am a one man band at the moment.  Whilst I try my best to keep a buffer of prints in stock, sometimes I run low and need to do a re-order.  This occasionally means there will be delays in receiving the order, but I will update you regular if this is the case.

Astro-Beatles. The Beatles in Space! Print Selection

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