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My favourite London bridge, as viewed from the Albert Dock. You can be in 2 places at once!

I used to live in Hammersmith for five years, so I was delighted when Dr Rose Club asked me to combine Hammersmith and Liverpool in some way. The foreground is the railings near the Albert Docks. 

Sadly Hammersmith Bridge is in poor condition and is no longer in use. It may well be left to rot and decay. I'd be gutted if it is lost- another reason to purchase this print!


This is a square print and there are 4 options for purchase: 

Large (12"x12") Framed - £65

Large (12"x12") Unframed - £25

Small (8"x8") Framed - £40

Small (8"x8") Unframed - £15


The print measures 12" x 12" for the large size and 8" x 8" for the small size.  The framed prints come in a simple stylish gallery-type frame complete with card mounting.


All prints are on high-quality photographic paper and have a lustre finish. 


UK postage is £1.80 or £3.75 for the unframed and £5.95 or £7.50 for the framed, collection (Liverpool City Centre) is available at no cost.


Please consider that I am a one-man band at the moment.  Whilst I try my best to keep a buffer of prints in stock, sometimes I run low and need to do a re-order.  This occasionally means there will be delays in receiving the order, but I will update you regularly if this is the case.

Hammersmith Bridge from The Albert Dock print

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