The greatest trumpet player of all time!  Louis Armstrong changedthe face of Jazz and continues to be a massive influence and inspiration.  This artwork captures him in a moment of pure joy doing what he loved.  It makes a great gift for any Jazz fans!



This is a print from the original canvas. 

This is a square print and there are 4 options for purchase:

Large (12"x12") Framed - £60

Large (12"x12") Unframed - £20

Small (8"x8") Framed - £35

Small (8"x8") Unframed - £10


The print measures 12" x 12" for the large size and 8" x 8" for the small size. The framed prints come in a simple stylish gallery type frame complete with card mounting.


All prints are on high quality photographic paper and have a lustre finish.


UK postage £1.80 or £2.95 for the unframed and £4.95 / £7.50 for the framed, collection (Liverpool City Centre) is available at no cost.

Louis Armstrong Art Print