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Thornton Hotel Murals
Jungle Mural

A jungle themed mural painted at Thornton Hall Hotel in Thornton Hough on the Wirral.  The wall has a bench built into it which was converted to a swing on the mural.  Amongst the tropical flowers, there is a cheeky monkey holding out for a treat of some sort and three humming birds.


Then artwork is located on the terrace area of the hotel, where many weddings take place.  It forms the perfect backdrop for wedding photos with a bit of a difference. 


Underwater Seals Mural

Completed in summer 2019, this mural depicts an underwater scene with tropical fish and playful seals. Its likely that these species would never inhabit the same waters, but the fish were added to add spots of colour and in any case, there are 2 mermaids, so it was never going to be an actual real scene. The purpose of the mural was to add a bit of colour and fun to the area of the sun loungers and outdoor hot tub of the Hotel's spa. Thornton Hall Hotel is located in Thornton Hough on the Wirral


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