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Oxton Tranmere Rovers Mural

This mural is the Birkenhead Coat of Arms which was modified in the early 1990s by Tranmere Rovers FC and used on their shirts for a short period. The arms were officially granted to Birkenhead on August 28, 1878. The borough of Birkenhead was founded in 1877 after the merger of Birkenhead, Claughton-cum-Grange, Oxton and Tranmere. The new borough received its arms on August 28, 1878, and the symbols in the new arms were taken from the seals of the former towns. The crosier and the lion were taken from the old Birkenhead seal and represent the Benedictine monastery in Birkenhead. The monastery was founded by Hamon de Massey in 1150 and the lion is taken from the arms of the Massey family. The oak is taken from Tranmere. The two lions are taken from Oxton. The meaning of the crescents is not known.The crest shows the lion and crosier again as well as an anchor symbolising that Birkenhead depends on sailing and shipping. This painting was done in Oxton, Birkenhead. It was a commission piece for Tranmere Rovers Trust. This particular coat of arms unexpectedly became controversial. It received a large amount of media attention as a few local residents did not like it being located in Oxton. Some residents liked the mural and want it to stay.

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