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New Ferry- 'Dancing with colours' project

On the 23rd of June I started a major project called "New Ferry- Dancing with Colours." This project is a collaboration with New Ferry Residents association and the Wirral council. The project is part of the New Ferry redevelopment in response to the devastating explosion that occurred three years ago, injuring eighty one people.

This project was proposed about eighteen months ago, however there was some opposition to having street art on display. But thanks to the perseverance of Simon Crabtree and Mark Craig they made it happen. Over a period of about a month I created five murals.

Thanks to the people of New Ferry for putting up with the cherry picker, and thanks for making me feel so welcome. It's made a massive difference to the street take a loot at some of the photos below.

The first mural painted was for The Martin Gallier project- named Cloud Busting.

Cloud Busting

The second to be completed was the Charisma's girls piece for the hair salon.

Next If you like Pina Colada was third to be completed.

Fourthly this Right pair of moody cows was finished for the Butchers.

Finally, the last of the five paintings, This little piggy was completed for Boysenberry delicatessen.

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