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Competition time!

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Paul Curtis ARRRRRRT Competition!

This Easter holidays, I am inviting all 5 – 16-year-olds to take part in a unique treasure hunt. The challenge is to find and photograph as many of my public artworks as you can during the Easter break.

All you have to do is print off the attached map and hold it up when you have your photo taken with each artwork. There are over 100 public murals to find! You MUST have the map included in the photo or it won’t count (this is so that everyone is starting at zero counts for the treasure hunt).

To help you find each mural, you should visit and use the interactive map.

Once you have collected your photos, upload them to an album on Flickr or Facebook. The closing date for the challenge is 25th April 2022. Once you have loaded all of your photos onto Flickr/Facebook, email me ( using the title “ARRRT COMPETITION” and tell me your total mural count and include a link to the Flickr/Facebook album (do not email me the photos as it will crash my email!).

The person who has the most murals ticked off will be the winner. The prizes will be:

· A signed framed print of their choice