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For all Liverpool's Liver Birds is one year old today! (aka "The Wings")

So much has happened in the year since! I know many people have enjoyed having their picture taken in front of them, and that afterall, was the whole point, but here is a few words about what they mean to me:

A year ago today I got out of bed and decided to change my life by changing the things I had control of. I used to be a geologist in the oil industry. During the downturn, I had 2 years of being rejected for the few jobs that were out there. Never received any feedback (despite requests) and often companies didn't even show the courtesy of responding at all. Then I started to be told by the recruitment agencies that I had been out of the industry too long and no one would be interested. This was very frustrating. I tried applying to other industries in Liverpool, but despite my experience and education, I found I wasn't getting any interviews. I believe (though I could be wrong) this may have been because people considered my previous work as too specialised. I realised that I could no longer rely on others to help me find work so I took things into my own hands. Many people tell me that the "wings" mural gave them a feeling of hope and positivity. They certainly have turned my life around.

Here's to everyone who has become one of Liverpool's Liverbirds! 🍻 You probably don't realise how much you all helped change my life! Mucho love! 😀💚

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