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The Grumpy Old Bulldog

The grumpy old bulldog video is up!

This grumpy old Bulldog stands watch on the Bulldog Pub in New Ferry, keeping the regulars in check. The owners of the pub love bulldogs, hence the name of the pub, and obviously chose a bulldog for the exterior street art. Bulldogs are not famed for their spitefulness, so we decided to paint this fella in a typical proud, steadfast, Winston Churchill stance!

Painted in March 2021 as part of the New Ferry Street Art Project (see below). The building used to be a bank, but it was shut down (as is the fashion for big banks these days) just before the Covid pandemic. The Bulldog Pub has had a staggered opening, due to the gradual wind-down of the UK lockdowns.

The New Ferry Project was an idea that was mooted in 2018. New Ferry had suffered a change in fortunes for several years and the area had seen a slow decline. Then in 2017, there was a large explosion at a warehouse that ripped through the centre of the town, causing devastation to the nearby buildings and the community in general. In many ways, given the slow decline of the area, this explosion represented the lowest point. Since then, there has been a task force tasked with the recovery and rebuilding.

Head over to the New Ferry Project page to read more about the painting process and the New Ferry Project.

Want to see this mural in person, along with other New Ferry murals?

Follow the link to the map of all Paul's murals where you can find the location of all his murals.

Take a photo and tag Paul in your post on Instagram or Facebook (@paulcurtisartwork).


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