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What 10,000 hrs worth of artwork looks like...

Paul's 5 year anniversary

In August 2017, Paul Curtis painted his first piece of street art: a pair of copper oxide green wings (this was before the "wings" craze went caught on and they started appearing everywhere!) representing Liverpool's Liver Birds entitled "For all Liverpool's Liver Birds". This was an instant hit and allowed Paul, who was unemployed, to become a professional artist.

Since that first mural, he has gone on to paint over 200 murals of varying styles, size and subject. The majority of these are located around Merseyside and Wirral in the North West of England.

This video is a very concentrated record of the artworks. Some murals and most canvas artworks have been omitted in order to keep the video relatively short. However there are videos documenting each year of Paul's work available to view (search my YoutTube channel).

It is possible to see how a street artist improves over five years of practice. The murals become more ambitious as the years pass and the standard really starts to improve (10,000 hours of practice theory?).