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Wade Smith Tribute with Transalpino

This street art piece is a collaboration with Transalpino clothing company. The artwork is a tribute to the original Wade Smith store in Liverpool.

Wade Smith was a fashion clothing stall that started in the early 1980's in Liverpool and grew rapidly, leading to a megastore offering 5 floors of fashion on Liverpool's Mathew Street.

This mural depicts the original store that was actually located to the left of the mural in the pictures (now Hardman Pizza). In those early days, Wade Smith specialised in trainers and football terrace fashions.

Painted in spring 2019, located on Fleet Sreet, Liverpool.

My second collaboration with Transalpino, always fun to work on as it is always a bit different from my normal style. Obviously I am too young to remember the first Wade Smith shop, but I used to regularly visit the large Mathew Street store.

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