Commission portrait of Liverpool couple painted on canvas

A big thank you to Daniel of Liverpool. He asked me to recapture this great photograph of him and his girlfriend with acrylic paint on canvas. I was happy to work on such a lovely piece and both myself and the client are very happy with the outcome. The artwork will be an early and unique Christmas present to his partner. Visit my commissions page if you would like to give someone a unique art gift too!

This epic mural is about 3 weeks in now. It is a colourful depiction of various Liverpool landmarks. I can see the end in sight but like many murals, it is the final touches that take much longer than predicted, watch this space!

The mural has been commissioned by Liverpool Shopping Park (LSP) on Edge Lane. The mural is on temporary hoardings that are hiding the building of the Phase 2 shops. It is my largest to date, 100 square metres!

This was a fantastic mural to work on. Despite early issues with the phantom ladder pincher, I think it turned out really well. The Beatles images are based on their cartoon characters in The Yellow Submarine film, but they are in their Sergeant Pepper uniforms to add a bit of colour and boldness. A couple of characters also appear, the Blue Meanie and The Fool on the Hill. Thanks to Baltic Market and Independent Liverpool for the commission.

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